Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips will be pre-recorded without in-person attendance and are included in the registration fee.

Virtual Field Trip 1: Lava Pour – High-Temperature Reference Application

For the STRATUS 2021 focus on extreme events, we will conduct and record a pre-conference temperature reference experiment that allows us to observe and record the flow of a known, high-temperature melt (molten volcanic rock), and its subsequent cooling and solidification. The initial temperature and emissivity of the melt are known, which allows us to calibrate experimental sensors at these temperatures. A team of collaborators will report on testing ground-based and UAV-based multispectral sensors, including on-site temperature and radiation measurement equipment.

Virtual Field Trip 2: Robot Swarm Technology

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Virtual Field Trip 3: Roof Inspections

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Virtual Field Trip 4: Drone Cage

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About the test site and location

The event/experiment will happen at the Geohazards Fieldstation, close to Springville, NY. At the site, we typically conduct experiments on hazardous volcanic processes, such as explosive crater formation, or intense magma-water interaction.

Location of the Fieldstation:

Directions from UB North:

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